Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Louis Bryant III is a published poet, an educator, a professional photographer and emerging filmmaker who possesses a passion for the arts. Louis released and published two books of poetry, Unclassifiable: Entries from Entities - [Publish America] and Between Demon’s and Angel’s Thoughts - [Sweet Baby Publishing]. These collections demonstrate not only Th3rd’s continuous growth in poetry, but also the variety of awareness and topic selection. Poetry is very present in Louis’ life, but the field of visual storytelling has emerged as his true passion. His ambition to become one of the greats must not be mistaken for a desire to become wealthy and famous because his main goal is tell stories of/for people who (in most cases) are not seen or heard. A primary objective is to work with humanitarian organizations to document injustice in order to bring a public eye to the lives that are oppressed. Louis has spent a good deal of his young career traveling the world as a still photographer for Rustic Pathways reflecting a smile to the faces of people along his journey. One notable factor about Louis is his ability to befriend people and sustain a connection long after departing ways.

“Art is a tool and universal language that is powerful beyond numbers and reason. It can take advantage human nature that no other form can manipulate, because art evokes emotion.


Katherin Hervey is a multimedia artist currently based in Seattle, Washington. She produces work with her partner Massimo Bardetti under Raw Love Productions, a multimedia production ensemble dedicated to visual storytelling with social and artistic value. She was the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of "Shades of Contradiction", a nationally distributed arts and culture magazine; and has produced, directed and art-directed documentary and narrative films and installations, including "The Cocktail Waitress" for PBS broadcast, "Her Urge" (Art Director) Best Short Film, Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival and Outstanding Women's Short, Dallas Out Takes Festival, “The Streets”, Q13 TV Seattle, and “The People’s Tribunal” (film installation) at Seattle University.

She is currently producing and directing “The Prison Within”, a feature-length documentary examining the U.S. Justice System through the eyes and voices of those most impacted – prisoners with life sentences, survivors of violent crime, and the communities left behind.


Josh Doke graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Film and Media Studies, Josh Doke went on to co-found Rockhaven Films, a film production company that specializes in creative and commercial content. Working as a writer and director, Josh has helmed numerous music videos and award winning shorts. “Goodland” is Josh’s feature length directorial debut.


Abdul Raafi Mohammed was born in Upper East of Ghana, raised partially in the Upper West and schooled in Northern Region. Widely known as Rafiu Fishbone or Mohammed Rafiu, Fishbone is a film maker, content producer and blogger. His documentary on Access to Clean Water received nomination at the we are Water Film Festival and at theGolden Movie Awards Africa 2016. Abdul Raafi Mohammed worked as a film director, camera man and editor for Countrywise Communication Ghana, filming, directing and editing farming training videos for Savannah Agriculture Research Institute with their partners AGRA, IPA, IFDC and Access Agriculture.


Isaac Mireku is an artist and video editor. Isaac hails from Obo Kwahu in the Eastern Region, went to Amusudi JHS, Kwahu Ridge SHS(KRISTECH) and finally to Accra film School (AFS). Isaac is the editor of Watsapp Tv, iSocial Tv, he also works at Spyder Lee Entertainment Television. Isaac has also edited a number of school projects back in Accra film school. He is best known for editing a documentary titled Access To Clean Water in Ghana. Isaac says, "I chose filming because I am an artist and I love art. Art is me and I am art, so I decided to extend my passion in art in a digital way."


Lucas Henry was born in the Eastern Region and received his artistic education at  Accra Film School. When asked, he replied that "I chose to do photography because I see photography as an art and the world was formed through the sense of art by the most high God." Lucas currently works with Bigwigs Company, Ltd. as a photographer and editor. Lucas also worked with Trailer Tv, a television entertainment program, as a cinematographer showing on GhoneTv. Lucas has worked with many models and has photographed many Ghanaian celebrities including Yvonne nelson, Adjetey Annan, Becca, Toosweet, Elikem Kumordzi, Pokelo, Ini Edo and Ama K. Abebrese.

Filming crew on the ground in Ghana On the ground Ghana filming crew. From RIGHT - Isaac Mireku, Abdul Raafiu, Lucas Henry and Louis Bryant III.

Filming crew on the ground in Ghana On the ground Ghana filming crew. From RIGHT - Isaac Mireku, Abdul Raafiu, Lucas Henry and Louis Bryant III.