A lot of people must want to know where their money goes. When we say we are “funding” the project, that could mean so many things, right? So how about I get a little specific about what we need funding for when it comes to The Spirit of a Child. We need funding to finish… but what’s needed to finish?

This project is aimed at creating a quality film at a minimal cost. The ultimate goal of the final product is a interactive web-documentary to bolster awareness and support of the positive actions taking place and supporting the people responsible for creating monumental differences to children who almost have nowhere to go.


The Ghanaian + 1 crew

Bolgatanga, Ghana

Editing - approximate amount needed $4,200

Editing... it’s the largest chunk of time. Originally I planned to save and contribute a large portion of the budget to have the film processed and edited. However, I have gained a bit of knowledge in the process for what is needed and confidently feel that I can finish editing on my own.

What is lacking is a proper machine. My 2012 iMac struggles in a major way and it makes processing the 8 minute clips you’ve viewed a very tumultuous and frustrating task.

Travel - approximate amount needed $2,400

I have arranged to return to Ghana in 2019. I miss Mama Laadi and the children so very much! I must return and spend time and follow up with them in general.

The other half of my time spent on the Gold Coast would be spent with Abdul Raafiu (asst. director) with the entire 1100+ minutes of footage to organize and prepare for editing and processing.

See, it is hard to communicate to Ghana, especially with media and technology needing to be at its best. So traveling to work together will allow me to have the outline to finish the film by my projected goal: Fall 2019.



Marketing - approximate amount needed $3,500

When it is time. I will consult in a confided marketing consultant and will you their expertise to tell the world about Mama Laadi and her amazing work within her community. We want to reach NGO audiences and the likes of CNN’s hero chronicles and Al JAzeera. We want to draw attention to someone in the world doing positive work to help and benefit her country. Not for fame, money or anything other than giving LOVE.

I can get into the specifics if you have any questions about our budget, needs or intentions. I appreciation the inquiry and solely want to support Mama Laadi Children’s Home.