Send to us, We'll send to them. 

The closing of the year is upon us, but not without much holiday spirit. The warmth of the season is the connection of humanity and good for all. 

Spread goodness and send a donation to the children of Mama Laadi Children's Home in Bolgatanga, Ghana. 


It's easy!

Send your package to my home address in Baltimore. The donations that arrive in will be packed in a barrel on DEC 28th and sent to Bolgatanga, Ghana.

ideal items (but not limited to):

  • School supplies
    • (notebooks, pencils, journals, crayons)
  • Books!!
    • (children's - young adult)
  • Clean clothes (remember the climate)
    • (ages 3 to young adult)


The smallest gift can mean so much! 

Monetary donations are welcome. Contact me for how to donate to the 501c3 fiscal sponsor of Mama Laadi.

To make a donation or have a question about the process, fill out the form below to contact us.