another go at it! Yes, this is the official launch of the gofundme fundraiser. Donate to support the film in its post-production phase. The project has been making progress through positive actions, support from my peers, and hard work. The last part is truly what it has been... hard work.  Although it is a challenge I know deep down that this project is a wonderful visual that connects you to Mama Laadi and the amazing people who interact with her and have been positively influenced by her.

I witnessed second chances. I witnessed boundless love. I fought tears as situations that unveiled right before me rendered me helpless and at a loss. I watched as a community flocked for her support. Echoes of love and appreciation for this woman who has saved lives and stood before giants! In turn these lives she's supported... young and old... want to embody the nature and nurture of their beloved Mama. A future on the street or dead transformed into aspiring teenagers. I met nurses, college students, midwives and many other people who had nothing but walls to turn to....and then Mama reached her hand to their aid and opened a door.

There's so much more to this... I need your support to help tell this story. Spread the word... donate to our GoFundme.