• Panorama Framing (map)
  • 3350 Grand Avenue
  • Oakland, CA, 94610
  • United States

Mother's Day Weekend Event: Unsighted Frame
Exclusive Spirit of a Child footage & character profiles

Location: 3350 Grand Avenue - Oakland, CA 94610
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Our quarterly free film screening event in the Grand Lake area of Oakland showcasing local filmmakers, with unscreened work and works in progress featuring documentaries, music videos, and strange experimental shorts starring lizards and a strange man who lives in a barn... and even documentaries!

The program will feature 3 local East Bay filmmakers as they are in various stages of their visual projects. The creator and organizer has selected our project to be apart of this event!

We are presenting very exclusive footage and releasing details about the on the ground experience in rural Ghana. The Spirit of a Child! will participate in its first debut public event! Join us to celebrate  the experience and a wonderful mother of 31 children.